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تقرير النشاط الموازي للموائد المستديرة مكناس « Applied Sociology from ALLATRA’s Perspective »

 تقرير النشاط الموازي للموائد المستديرة مكناس، والذي تمت فيه استضافة الباحثة الروسية والمحاضرة العالمية Olga ANDREEVA. قدمت من خلاله ورقة علمية باللغة الانجليزية معنونة ب:

تقرير النشاط الموازي للموائد المستديرة مكناس « Applied Sociology from ALLATRA’s Perspective »

« Applied Sociology from ALLATRA’s Perspective »

الباحثة الروسية والمحاضرة العالمية Olga ANDREEVA.

Presented by Dr. Olga ANDREEVA

Hosted by Group Round Tables Meknes

Moderated by Omar BOULAOUZ

Translated by Omar LAAROUSSI

Written by Mojahid BEN TARKI

National Union of Group Round Tables Meknes hosted a discussion where the Russian researcher and translator Dr. Olga ANDREEVA gave a presentation sensitizing about the grave situation the globe is going through. experiencing. Dr. ANDREEVA’s aim, as a representative of AllatRa, has been urging human beings, as inhabitants of this Planet Earth, to take an action and change what can be changed as long as it is possible. If we are to summarize her overwhelming message, we would say “Be the change you want to see in the world; stop complaining and take the action”, which is the same motto that AllatRa has been pronouncing for years: “Good in Action!”

Dr. Andreeva began her presentation by giving an introduction about AllatRa and how it started as a book and then, after some years of being globally acclaimed and translated to more than ten languages, it has become an international public movement uniting millions of people all around the world. A unification that is solely based on HUMANITY; one of AllatRa’s mottos is “we are outside of politics and outside of religion”. It is about human-to-human relationships rather than ideological conflicts. “It is all in our hands, we don’t need governments to save the planet”, she said.

Dr. Andreeva broke down the problem to the smallest piece when she made it clear that our problem lies in “the culture of consumption”. On a hand, people consume what they don’t need and even what they will never use; on the other hand, they are other people who don’t have even the basic needs for survival (chiefly, food and water). She gave the example of Sudan, after people suffered from shortage of water and other basic natural sources; they all headed, in crowds, towards Khartoum, thinking they will fine better life conditions. However, the city experienced a state of congestion, which, eventually, led to an increase in crime and diseases. Offering an alternative, Dr. ANDREEVA did not only propose that lazy idea of ‘help others by giving them alms’, but she insightfully suggested that the best way is the way that encourages people to solve their own problems by themselves. “Instead of giving me knowledge, teach me how to learn and get knowledgeable”, she stated. First step toward progress is by getting rid of the “clip-type” thinking; a short span of concentration on serious topics, a lack of analytical skills, and imitation without a deep reflection.

Then she spoke about the pre-civilization era and how people lived in peace, she backed her claims up by some archaeological evidence that revealed “no trace of weapons is to be found in any place”. However, when Man turned to greediness, despotism has emerged. This greediness did not only harm human beings, but also exploited nature. AllatRa is aiming to unite people in order to save this nature and solve its environmental problems, such as climate change. Dr. Andreeva emphasized on the importance of taking the action rather than JUST writing a bulk of dissertations with no actual-significant impact on the ‘real’ world. “Shall we write thousands of books on society [with zero impact] or shall we improve reality”, she rhetorically asked.

Attention has been drawn to a very crucial point that is skipped most of time, especially when there is a presentation about the environment: human beings are not responsible for all the catastrophes; many are just natural. Humans are not to be blamed for hurricanes, plate tectonics, asteroids, volcanoes, etc. However, turning a blind eye to these problems does not solve them or make them cease to exist. Dr. ANDREEVA described our current situation as a man who was diagnosed of lung cancer, yet he keeps smoking. This was said after she put a straight fact forward: “we have 5 to 12 years to save the planet.”

Dr. Andreeva concluded her presentation by encouraging the attendees to work on establishing a fresh branch of AllatRa in Morocco “AllatRa Morocco”. #GoodinAction

تقرير النشاط الموازي للموائد المستديرة مكناس « Applied Sociology from ALLATRA’s Perspective »


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